Veterans Campus to Careers Toolkit

For student veterans moving into the workforce

Your skills, your talents, your aspirations. They matter now as much as they ever did. About half of all returning veterans have a disability. They have a lot to contribute to our workforce. Our businesses need them. Our country needs them. Having a disability means they might do things a little differently, but they will do them with excellence and pride.

This easy-to-use toolkit can help you sort through your career decisions and needs as a veteran with a disability moving from campus to career. It includes a special Veteran’s Career Planning Workbook that you can use to prepare for a career counseling session or fill out during a session.

Use the toolkit at your own pace and time. You can just read the parts you need when you need them. You can also read all 10 tools in order:

  1. The Proud, the Strong, the Many — You have every reason to be proud. Employers need you!
  2. What Are Your Rights? — Moving from campus to career as a veteran with a disability
  3. Finding Your Career Path — Your interests, your strengths, your aspirations
  4. Getting Ready — Thinking through your directions and decisions
  5. Workplace Learning and Experience — Apprenticeships, internships, and real-life job experience
  6. Getting Hired — Applying for a job as a veteran with a disability
  7. Accommodations — Getting what you need to perform at your best
  8. Real Life on the Job — Working with others as a veteran with a disability
  9. Women Veterans — Your unique issues
  10. Reconnaisance — Are you ready to go from campus to work?

Special parts of this toolkit are What Do You Know? quizes that help you interact with the material (we don’t record your answers) and the Veteran’s Career Planning Workbook, which can help you structure your career research, prepare for a meeting with your counselor, or even be filled out during a meeting with your counselor. You'll also find Quick Tips pages that provide essential summaries and Deeper Dive pages that list resources where you can explore online to become more well rounded in a particular area.

If you urgently need help, look below on this page for help you can access now.