Your skills, your talents, your aspirations—they matter now as much as they ever did. About half of all returning veterans have a disability. Veterans with disabilities have a lot to contribute to our workforce. Our businesses need them. Our country needs them. Having a disability means that a veteran might do things a little differently, but they will do them with excellence and pride.


Color guard in a parade

The Proud, the Strong, the Many

Be proud. Employers need you!

Bronze Lady Justice statue standing in front of an American flag

What Are Your Rights?

Moving from campus to career as a veteran with a disability

A compass sitting on top of a paper map

Finding Your Career Path

Your interests, strengths, and aspirations

Checking ammunition to make sure everything is ready

Getting Ready

Thinking through your directions and decisions

Various gears, each with a word engraved on it. The main word that can be fully seen is coaching. Others include support, knowledge, and education.

Workplace Learning

Apprenticeships, internships, and real-life job experience

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Getting Hired

Applying for a job as a veteran with a disability

A sign post with signs pointing in different directions. Text on signs says things like Help, Support, Advice, Info, and so on.


Getting what you need to perform at your best

An employee who is a veteran adjusts a high-tech machine in a lab

Real Life on the Job

Working with others as a veteran with a disability

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Women Veterans

Your unique issues

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Are you ready to go from campus to work?