Veterans Campus to Careers Toolkit

For student veterans moving into the workforce
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Getting Hired

Applying for a job as a veteran with a disability

  • Employers need you. They are increasingly realizing that veterans with disabilities have a lot to offer to their workplace.
  • Many people have gaps in their work history—a time when they were unemployed for more than about 3 months. This doesn’t mean you won’t be hired. It just means you need to be ready to explain this gap when applying for a job. Often, there’s more than one cause of an employment gap.
  • You don’t have to talk about your disability during hiring unless you choose to do so (see Tool 4 in this Toolkit). If you decide not to tell, you still have a right to an accommodation later, if hired.
  • During hiring, employers might ask you to voluntarily provide information about your disability and military service for affirmative action reporting purposes only.
  • Being a veteran with a disability might give you an advantage in getting hired, particularly for jobs in the federal government or with federal contractors.
  • You can work without having your VA disability benefits changed unless you’re receiving TDIU benefits.
  • It’s easy to check out which employers are veteran- and disability-friendly. There are several lists of employers who have a proven track record in hiring and retaining veterans and people with disabilities.
  • Links to sites that have extensive job opening listings are in this topic's Playbook.
  • Many veterans and veterans with disabilities have chosen to work in the federal government.
  • Make a list of your qualifications that includes both degrees and certifications as well as experiences or achievements that prepared you for a career, whether or not you were paid.
  • You can still be qualified to a job even if you need to use a reasonable accommodation. You can also use an accommodation during hiring, such as having an interview in an accessible location.
  • Use an online military skills translator to make sure your skills can be recognized by civilian employers.