Veterans Campus to Careers Toolkit

For student veterans moving into the workforce
Checking ammunition to make sure everything is ready

Getting Ready

Thinking through your directions and decisions

Question 1:

The employer can’t ask me if I have a disability when I’m applying for a job or after I’m hired.
Answer: True, mostly

The employer is prohibited from asking applicants or employees if they have a disability. But there are a few exceptions, such as if the person is asking for an accommodation.

Question 2:

Most veterans with disabilities disclose their disability status on their resumes.
Answer: False

Most veterans (and others) with disabilities don’t mention their disability on their resumes.

Question 3:

If I don’t disclose my disability in the job application, I’ll lose my right to an accommodation later, once hired.
Answer: False

Your decision to disclose a disability when applying for the job has no impact on your right to an accommodation later if you’re hired.

Question 4:

Some job applications ask me to voluntarily indicate my veteran and disability status. If I decide to do this, my personal disability information will be kept anonymous and won’t be shared with others in the workplace, such as my supervisor or co-workers.
Answer: True

Most employers who are federal contractors are required to track the number of applicants and employees who are veterans or have a disability. This personal information, including your disability status, is kept anonymous and used only for affirmative action purposes. It is never shared with others.

Question 5:

Not disclosing my disability during hiring is a lie.
Answer: False

Choosing not to disclose your disability during hiring is not a lie. It is a legally protected choice.