Veterans Campus to Careers Toolkit

For student veterans moving into the workforce
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Getting what you need to perform at your best

Question 1:

Employers provide accommodations to workers with disabilities who they feel are most deserving.
Answer: False

Any worker with a disability as defined by the ADA has a right to a job accommodation.

Question 2:

The employer pays for and ultimately decides which accommodation will be used after interacting with the employee to assess how the impairment affects main job tasks.
Answer: True

The worker and the employer engage in an interactive process to determine how your disability impacts the job and which accommodation will be effective.

Question 3:

Employers must accommodate workers with addictive disorders by allowing them to use alcohol or illegal drugs on the job.
Answer: False

Employees with addictive disorders may have a right to certain accommodations, such as time off for attending treatment. But no workplace is required to tolerate alcohol or illegal drug use on the job.

Question 4:

You don’t have to ask for an accommodation. Your employer should know that you need one.
Answer: False, mostly

In most cases, an accommodation need isn’t obvious. So, if you need an accommodation, you usually need to ask for one. Most often, you ask your supervisor or human resources (HR) representative. But each workplace has its own accommodation process. If in doubt, start by contacting the HR office in your workplace.

The answer here includes “mostly” because when the need is obvious the employer may offer an accommodation. For example, if you use a wheelchair and do not have the ability to stand and some of the items you need are on a high shelf, you obviously can’t reach them. In a case like this, the employer can resolve the issue.

Question 5:

When you’re struggling at work because of a disability, ask for an accommodation. Don’t wait until your job performance really slips.
Answer: True

There’s no dishonor in requesting an accommodation. Ask for one before your job performance really gets worse.